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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Clarksville-Montgomery County, receives Connected community certification, releases Technology Action Plan

Clarksville-Montgomery County, TN – Today, at the 4th Annual Clarksville-Montgomery County Growth Summit, Connected Tennessee and the Clarksville-Montgomery County Planning Team announced Clarksville-Montgomery County as a certified Connected community and released its Technology Action Plan.

"Connected Community certification says to the nation that Clarksville-Montgomery County provides its institutions, businesses, and residents with the broadband technology that is a critical foundation to continuous improvement for our community," said Mayor Kim McMillan. "We already excel in many areas, from healthcare to industrial manufacturing. By committing to the Connected template, we can be certain that the technology infrastructure provided to our community is as capable as the community itself."

Clarksville-Montgomery County has been working with Connected Tennessee since October of 2014 on the Connected Community Engagement Program. This initiative assesses the local broadband landscape, identifies connectivity gaps, and establishes technology-driven goals and objectives to increase broadband access, adoption, and use for families, organizations, and businesses throughout the community.

“Connected Community certification says to potential investors that Clarksville-Montgomery County understands today’s global business environment and is committed to providing the tools necessary for industries to build, grow, and create jobs in our community,” said Cal Wray, Executive Director of the Clarksville-Montgomery County Economic Development Council. “An impartial assessment of our digital infrastructure validates the high quality of resources available in our area.” 

"It is exciting to see what can happen when a community gets behind a coordinated plan for advancing technology,” said Mark McElroy, Chief Strategy Officer, Connected Nation. “Literally, everybody benefits — schools, local businesses, community services, and even families. This is what Connected Tennessee has been about since 2007. Connected Nation's national Connected program is proud to be part of what's happening here in the Clarksville-Montgomery County community."

Connected certification affords a community an avenue to discuss its success and pursue opportunities as a recognized technologically advanced community. The Clarksville-Montgomery County Technology Action Plan unveiled at the event includes projects and action items related to increasing public area access, facilitating Internet safety classes, and working to improve available technology and connectivity to students. The certification is an important milestone as the team now phases into implementation of its newly established Technology Action Plan.

For questions about the Connected Community Engagement Program in Tennessee, please contact [email protected].

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About Connected Tennessee: As a public-private partnership, Connected Tennessee joins with technology-minded businesses, government entities, universities, and non-profit organizations to improve economic development and enhance quality of life by accelerating Tennessee’s technology landscape. For maps, research, or more information about what Connected Tennessee is doing to expand broadband access, adoption, and use, please visit

Connected Nation developed the Connected Community Engagement Program to help guide a community through an assessment of its overall broadband and technology status. Connected certified communities have measurably demonstrated their proficiency for effective access, adoption, and use of broadband-supported technologies. Connected Nation, through its partners, provides a national platform for recognizing those communities that excel across these important benchmarks.