Connected Nation believes that states, communities, families and individuals can realize great economic and social advantages when we accelerate broadband availability in underserved areas and increase broadband use in all areas, rural and urban, alike.

INTEGRITY. Connected Nation treasures its corporate credibility. Employees possess a passion for the corporate mission, honesty without hesitation, and respect for all people. Employees maintain a good attitude, a strong work ethic and a spirit for community.
SUSTAINABILITY. Connected Nation develops and manages fruitful relationships; seeks and selects mission supporting projects; delivers overwhelming client/partner satisfaction; and strives to have increasingly positive social and environmental impact – all with an eye towards long-term corporate sustainability.
RESULTS. Connected Nation is goal-oriented and results-driven. Employees are self-motivated to set high goals and manage themselves towards achievement.
GROWTH. Connected Nation seeks to attract, retain, and build a high level of intellectual capital. Employees project a corporate image that is highly attractive.